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Our Attorneys Assist with the Estate Planning Process

Many people put off estate planning until it is too late, as they think they are too young, don't own enough assets, or that it is a completely unnecessary process. While it would be nice to have your loved ones simply adhere to your final wishes upon death, it is often in your best interests to have the proper legal documents in place to ensure that this occurs.

Consumer Legal Group, P.C. has helped numerous clients start the estate planning process with the creation of a will. Not only can having a will give you peace of mind, but it can also save your loved ones a significant amount of time, money, stress, and emotional pain.

  • With a will, you are able to:
  • Designate beneficiaries of your estate
  • Name a guardian for any minor children
  • Name an individual to care for property left to minor children
  • Name an executor to manage the estate and ensure that your will is carried out

What Happens if I Die Without a Will?

If you die in the State of Illinois without a will in place, your property will be distributed according to intestacy laws. This means that your assets will likely be distributed to your closest relatives, such as your children or spouse. One of the main benefits of creating a will is ensuring that you have the final say over how your property is distributed, rather than the state.

Start the Will Creation Process Today!

Whether you have significant wealth or minimal assets, the time to start estate planning is right now. Our Greater Chicago Area attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the will creation process. We can help you draft and finalize one that meets your specific needs, as well as the desires that you have for your estate.

Learn more by contacting us at 708.279.4191 today to schedule your initial consultation at our Matteson office.


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